Our Services

  • Improve our members standard of living
  • Teaching English as a second Language classes
  • Have a better economic opportunities to our members
  • Increase the median income to our members
  • Engage in the local community activities
  • Having positive impact in our local community
  • Having positive impact outside our local community
  • Resolve the conflict between our members and the local authority in a friendly manner
  • Having a good relationship with our local government
  • Educate our members about the civil right and the partification in the democracy
  • Teaching classes about United States Naturalization test
    • Volunteers
      The Sudanese Community Center will be willing to volunteer for the crisis that occur in the City of the Iow City, such as floods, storms, fires and any others natural disasters that the City of Iowa City will call upon. Also, we're willing to volunteer in the Football season.
    • Sports
      The Sudanese Community Center has a certified coatch who will be coatching young kids and adults in soccer. The Sudanese Community Center, also will be providing fitness training for adults. The Sudanese Community Center, will provide fitness for women. Futhermore, the Sudanese Community Center, will be conducting a fitness for girls. The Sudanese Community Center, is currentling is looking for a certified coatch to coatch our kids in the swimming fields. The Center, is also to form a roaster for volley ball for adults.
    • Culture
      The Sudanese Community Center is a diverse community who are willing to preserve and empower their enrichment clutures and traditions. The Sudan is a large country, who have an interesting songs and diffrent type of dances based on clutures background.
    • Education
      The Sudanese Community Center will be conducting serverals educatinoal programs:
      • ESL classes for Sudanese adults
      • Arabic classes for Sudanese kids and American kids
      • Citizienship classes
      • Public speaking classes (Arabic) for kids
      • Public speaking for adults (English)
      • Basic skills for computer
      • Job search skills
      • Short story telling in Arabic
      • Reading groups in the Summer
      • Music classes for kids
    • Arts
      The Sudanese Community Center is currently for volunteers our kids and members painting, drawing and other crafting skills
    • Others
      independent of governments and international governmental organizations (though often funded by governments)[6] that are active in humanitarian, educational, healthcare, public policy, social, human rights, environmental, and other areas to effect changes according to their objectives.